Monday, October 19, 2009


Wild Willie isn't happy. "I'm not saying they did it on purpose," he said when asked if he thought the Sea Dogs cheated and fixed the competition."

"I'm just saying they explained to us how the race would work and then it didn't go like that at all. It was poorly organized. I was not happy. Fleaburn won't have a chance the next time we meet in a mascot challenge."

There was confusion by both mascots before and during the mascot race durning the first intermission on Saturday. Both mascots went out of the gates with Fleaburn refusing to run behind the net and instead taking the quicker root and going in front. Wild Willie only went half the way around and used Fleaburn's stick to score what looked to be deciding goal. But since both mascots preformed the race wrong, round two took place with a gassed Fleaburn not wanting to run again.

Fleaburn got off to a great start, (and cheated again) scoring his goal well before Willie. The beloved Sea Dogs mascot raised his sign featuring a Wildcats logo and a line through it.

The victory in the first of two mascot races gave Saint John an extra point to go along with their two point victory, and half point for attendance. The Wildcats picked up a point for taking the game into overtime. The Sea Dogs now lead the annual contest 5.5-2.

In the photo above from left to right is, Mike Thomas of the Sea Dogs, J.K. Irving, Wallace McCain and Scott Brannon of the Wildcats are pictured at opening face-off, as Irving and McCain drop the puck for Saturday night’s game.

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