Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Michael Mastrangelo Suspended

According to the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League website, Michael Mastrangelo has been suspended three games for “physical abuse of official.”

The incident happened following Sunday’s Saint John Sea Dogs win over the Baie-Comeau Drakkar. With both benches cleared and on the ice after the final buzzer went, Mastrangelo was involved in a fight with the Drakkar’s Alexis Vanier. Hockey Fights Plus has video of the post-game rough stuff but it isn’t clear where Mastrangelo abused an official.

[UPDATE: Look at the bottom of the video at the 18-second mark. Mastrangelo enters the screen and watch where he goes.]

QMJHL commissioner Gilles Courteau was at Harbour Station for the game to make things even more awkward.

Earlier in the game, Sea Dogs head coach Mike Kelly had to hold Mastrangelo back from getting involved in a scrum in front of the Saint John bench.

Page 66 of the QMJHL rule book has a section on physical abuse of officials.

Mastrangelo, who is second on the Sea Dogs in penalty minutes, has been involved in five fights this season according to HockeyFights.com. He was suspended for two games earlier this month after instigating a fight. The 19-year old has one goal in 17 games with Saint John this season.

The Dogs are on the road on Wednesday and Thursday before returning home to host Rimouski on Sunday.


  1. Who put the sandpaper in Coopers tighty whiteys...Playing with some grit the last 2 home games

  2. WOW! The league either had a much different video feed or someone in the league office ingested some very bad drugs.

    What I saw in person and in the video above was Mastrangelo engaged with Vanier, they agreed to go (camera cuts away to Bussieres/Tesink), each of Vanier and Mastrangelo throw one punch, Mastrangelo falls down, the linesman goes down on top of him, Vanier gives him a couple of shots while he was down (possibly hitting the linesman), and then Mastrangelo got up with some help from the linesman and is guided off the ice without incident.

    I simply could not see what Mastrangelo did to warrant a 3 game suspension.

  3. Really? If you look at the 43/44 second mark, you see #3 Vanier hit the lines men in the shoulder head area, with Mastrangelo just trying to protect his right wrist.

  4. I was at the game, and I'm pretty sure I know why he got the three game suspension. There was a point (either before or after the fight) where Mastrangelo tried to pry away from the Linesman who was trying to prevent things from progressing. When I read the rule book, I can see why he got three games. He wasn't trying to injure or intimidate the referee; however he did try to free himself from their grip which is a suspendable offence. There's no argument on this in my opinion.

    If Mike Kelly can't control Mastrangelo (reference to earlier in the game when he physically was holding him back) then the Sea Dogs should really consider whether having a player like that on our team is a good idea in the end.

    What truly blows me away is how in the heck did Baie-Comeau get away without any fines or suspension for them clearing the bench and coming onto the ice after the end of the game? Normally the losing team leaves for the dressing room while the other team celebrates the victory. None of this would have taken place had they not gone after the celebrating Sea Dogs.

  5. Around the 20-27 second mark an official is pushing Tesink away from the fray and Mastrangelo appears to be wrestling with the official.

    1. Exactly. I mean he was in the heat of the moment and I'm not even sure if he even realized it was the official, however that is irrelevant. I'm still ticked off about Baie-Comeau walking away from that fiasco without so much as a fine or anything.

    2. i agree with u but i think baie-comea should have to answer for what they did to reppe

  6. what did the qmjhl do about the hit on our defenseman on saturday and sunday

  7. Even at the game I didn't really see anything wrong with the hit to Repe other than the way it ended but I think if you look at the video it really wasn't a dirty hit a worthy of a penaltly. I't sjust a shame that Repe went down ugly and slid head first into the boards. I agree though that they Drakkakr should be held accountable for tossing their team out after the final buzzer. It seems that the coaching change did nothing to improve their sportsmanship from last year. I believe it was there that the souund man played a track of a baby crying as one on our players was carried off the ice.