Monday, March 4, 2013

A Tesink Update... Sort Of

Picked up a pack of Heroes and Prospects hockey cards the other day and got the above card. So there’s your Ryan Tesink update. You’re welcome.

There are three Sea Dogs (they are wearing Saint John jerseys, anyway) featured in the base set of this year’s Heroes and Prospects – Tesink, Jonathan Huberdeau, and Stephen MacAulay. Former Sea Dog and current Rimouski Oceanic Scott Oke is also in the set.

Probably the coolest thing in this year’s set is the Memorial Cup cards. There are nine cards with scores of each 2012 Memorial Cup game. There are also a bunch of different Huberdeau jersey patch cards. All the details on the set can be found on the In The Game website.

As for the Tesink/Armada drama, there is nothing new to report. Sportsnet’s Sam Cosentino had a little bit of info on it in his column last week. Not really sure what it means, though.

Tesink still has not played since January 13. The Armada have six games left in the regular season.

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